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The New Jersey Sports Betting Revolution

Watching a ball game is typically a thrilling experience, but when you have money riding on the outcome the excitement gets dialled up considerably. The Garden State’s 9 million residents now find themselves in a brave new world, full of drama, intrigue and passion. There is a great deal of enthusiasm for sports wagering in New Jersey, as the state is crazy about sports and fans love the buzz that comes from turning their expertise into a profit. But it is a new and totally immature market, so it can be difficult to navigate your way through it.

Sports wagering comes with plenty of jargon, the need for all manner of calculations and enough different options to make your head swim. That is where this site aims to make the difference. We will arm you with a thorough, robust overview of how to bet on all the biggest leagues and sports. We will break down the different types of bets, from futures to moneylines, spreads, points betting and prop bets, plus everything in between.

This site will explain what all the different odds mean, how to tell which team is the favorite and how to calculate your potential returns, plus how to manage your risk. We will advise you on statistical trends to be aware of, form and injuries and records against the spread to keep in mind, how to practice responsible bankroll management and how to discuss sports betting like a seasoned pro handicapper.

The state’s legislators and casino operators were so keen to push sports betting through because they know they will rake in a pile of cash from it. That is because most people will lose in the long term. Beating the sportsbooks is a monumentally difficult challenge, as they have highly paid experts working out the lines, but you can give yourself a fighting chance by enjoying a thorough grasp of the market, the different options available to you and the various strategies to deploy. That is where we will come in.

We know the Giants are the most popular team in Jersey, while there is a lot of love for the Philadelphia Eagles – the 2018 Super Bowl champions – and also the Jets in large parts of the state. The Eagles will be heavy favorites for a lot of their games this season, while the Jets will often be the huge underdogs, so you need to understand how to play the spreads if you want to find value in NFL betting markets. The spread is just as important in the NBA, if not more so, so Knicks and Sixers fans will benefit from our in-depth NBA betting guide, which busts jargon and helps you understand betting on basketball. We will explain how to figure out which teams are performing well or poorly against the spread and bet accordingly, and how to approach total points betting and player props.

All of this and more will be covered on this site. We have a dedicated MLB betting page, which will appeal to Yankees and Phillies fans, plus a page to help you get to grips with NHL betting ahead of the new season. There is a separate page devoted to UFC betting and another for MLS betting, as those sports continue to spiral in popularity across New Jersey. This site is your one-stop shop for sports betting, your ultimate resource for navigating this exhilarating world, helping you broaden your horizons, maximize your profits and ramp up the fun that can be had when betting on sports.


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