DraftKings Sportsbook Review New Jersey

DraftKings offers an excellent selection of leagues and sports to bet on. Popular and live sports are displayed at the top of the page, and checking in the middle of the day can yield some interesting leagues such as the ATP men’s tennis tour or Italian league soccer. Of course, DraftKings offers all of the major American sports leagues.

  • Football (NFL, NCAA, CFL
  • Baseball (MLB)
  • Basketball (NBA, NCAA (men’s and women’s),WNBA)
  • Ice Hockey (NHL, AHL, World Championships)
  • Soccer (If it’s professional, it’s probably here)
  • Golf
  • Tennis
  • Boxing
  • Motorsport (NASCAR, INDY etc.)

For every game, there are usually a large selection of alternative and prop bets for players to check out. Clicking a team in a game will open the game’s available bets beyond the usual spread, moneyline, and over/under bets. Selecting multiple bets allows players to parlay them.

Going back to opening up specific games, DraftKings supports a wide range of markets for every game listed. Alternate lines, specific score, and who scores first are just a few of the bets offered by DraftKings.

Futures betting is available on most major sports. Betting futures is when you try to predict the overall winner of a league, conference, or division. It can be one of the trickiest things to do because of the sheer number of factors that can affect a team’s season like injuries, trades, or simply the underdog surprising the world.

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