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New Jersey Legal Sports Betting

New Jersey is inching that much closer to becoming the fifth state in America to offer legalized sports betting. There are still many hurdles to go, which means sports gamblers will be forced to continue looking for other ways to safely, and legally, place wagers on professional or college sports. Atlantic City will always be one of America’s hottest betting destinations, but without legalized sports betting, those gamblers will continue to take their business elsewhere.

There are only four U.S. states that can offer their residents legalized sports betting, and despite its ongoing efforts, New Jersey remains out of that small group. We are breaking down all the sports betting rules and regulations for all 50 states and in this instalment, we look at the laws in New Jersey.

There may only be four U.S. states that offer legalized sports betting, but if there were to be a fifth, you would have to guess New Jersey is next in line. In 2014, the state passed a law allowing legalized sports betting within New Jersey boundaries. However, legal challenges since then have made it difficult to officially come into effect.

There are still many hurdles to leap over before New Jersey can legalize sports betting, and until then, gamblers in the state will have to find other alternatives to safely and legally place wagers on sporting events.

New Jersey continues to be one of America’s top destinations for casino gambling. Atlantic City is home to seven casinos, which in 2011 made $3.3 billion in gaming revenue and paid $278 million in taxes. The casinos in Atlantic City include Bally’s, Borgata, Caesars, Golden Nugget, Harrah’s Resorts, Tropicana and Wild Wild West. If sports gambling is legalized, expect many, if not all of Atlantic City’s casinos to apply for sportsbook licenses, much like Las Vegas offers bettors.

Until then, residents in New Jersey will be forced to find other ways to lay down bets on sporting events. There is one way that is gaining traction in the United States — offshore, Internet-based bookmakers that are fully licensed and 100% legal to use in American states, including New Jersey.

Legal New Jersey Betting Sites & Online Sportsbooks

While New Jersey residents await a court ruling regarding legalization of sports betting, gamblers there are taking other routes to safely lay down wagers on professional and collegiate sports.

The rise of offshore sportsbooks that operate online has gained momentum in the United States, especially in locations where sports betting at a brick and mortar bookmaker is still illegal. There are several top online sportsbooks to choose from, but and offer customers many of the same features live bookies would — and in some cases even more.

Without a doubt, New Jersey is a sports-crazed state with a few professional teams to speak of. The National Hockey League’s New Jersey Devils — winners of three Stanley Cup championships — are one of the most popular teams in the state. The NFL’s New York Giants and New York Jets both play out of MetLife Stadium, which is based in East Rutherford, N.J. The New York Red Bulls of Major League Soccer also play in New Jersey at Red Bull Arena.

New Jersey offers its residents many options when it comes to horse racing. However, so do online sportsbooks such as Bovada, which have daily odds from race track around the world.

Legalizing sports betting in New Jersey may take another year or two before residents can start making wagers at casinos in Atlantic City. Until then, their best bet will continue to be online bookmakers, which continue to gain in popularity.

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